Copper Cathodes

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Copper cathodes are the essential raw material in the production of copper. Uvira Societe Mining provides you with high-quality copper cathodes. We offer you a variety of shapes and sizes and will meet all your needs about our products. Our Copper Cathodes are available for domestic and overseas customers, with competitive prices and delivery times.

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Copper cathodes Production from Ore to Finished Product

Uvira Societe Mining manufactures Copper Cathodes Wholesale containing solid and sturdy material with high-quality pure copper. A cathode weight of 50 to 80 kg square – is formed when pure copper has torn apart from unwrought copper through an electrolytic condenser refining process.

Our copper rods are formed of unique colors, pure hand weaving, and consistency. The design is a single rod, and the surface of the entire rod is entirely beneficial for decorative purposes in regular customary copper products. Below is a quick description of the tour process

  1. Copper is to mine through digging or blasting, and it is crushed
  2. After crushing, the ore goes into large, rotating, cylindrical machines and grind
  3. It goes to leaching, smelting, electrowinning, and electrolytic refining.
  4. Pure copper cathodes are shipped as melting stock to mills or foundries
  5. It is converted into rods, cakes, or ingots.


  • Selecting the correct features and quality of products are highly essential. These features differ from application to application, and Uvira is here to support you in choosing the best. Some of the copper cathode benefits are:
    • Our copper rods have a standardized and classic finish for a lighter reflection
    • It has desirable thermal conduction and mechanical properties.
    • It is ideal for highly cyclical manufacturing
    • Offering some exclusive and versatile design artistry
    • It is highly convenient comes in standard quality and various designs and sizes.


      • Ideal for sea fishing, and the thin line has outstanding corrosion resistance.
      • Oil Cooler Pipe
      • Appropriate for enhanced welding quality than the standard welding rod.
      • Water Heater
      • Electric and Conductive Copper Bar
      • Water Tube

      So, get a quote now and get the finest copper rod wholesale from us at an affordable price!