Copper Rod 8 mm

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Get Scratches Free Copper Rod- At Uvira Societe Mining

Uvira Societe Mining is the leading Copper Rod wholesale supplier. Our copper rod is composed of solid and durable material with high-quality pure copper. Other than its quality, our copper rod wholesale is famous for its high hardness and wear resistance. Also, they are highly versatile and durable and can withstand everyday scratches and corrosion.

Benefits of using our copper rod

As a leading copper rod supplier, these products are composed of unique color, pure hand weaving, and texture. The design is a single rod, and the surface of the whole body is entirely yet, which can be beneficial for decorative purposes in ordinary customary copper products. It is helpful for multiple applications as it is are not accessible to.

Moreover, this weld is composed of premium grade cold-rolled steel and coated with a nickel defensive layer that avoids oxidation and staining from the metal rod itself. You can shop for a rod at affordable prices. With low prices, we don’t error you for spending rod online all the time. Make online shopping smooth and have a stress-free experience with us. You are receiving more and saving more on Uvira


  • It is helpful for Water Tube.
  • It is beneficial for Water Heater
  • It is applicable for Oil Cooler Pipe
  • Use for welding between copper and aluminum, better quality than the ordinary welding rod.
  • This copper rod tube is very appropriate for sea fishing, and the thin line has good corrosion resistance.
  • Use for Electrical and Conductive Copper Bar, brass rod copper bar.

So, get a quote now and get the best quality copper rod wholesale from us at the best price!