Welcome to Uvira Societe Mining

Established in Democratic republic of Congo since 2007, Uvira Societe Mining is your partner in the purchase of gold,copper, cobalt, tantalite, diamond, scrap rails.We offer our services to individuals and professionals from our websites and in our private offices. Benefit from our investment advice as well as online news on the gold and precious metals market. Take advantage of our professionalism in trading gold and precious metals for your purchases. Take advantage of a redemption estimate for your gold and precious metals prices Since our company’s inception in 2007, we have become a major player in Africa in the sales, export, expertise and smelting of precious metals (Gold , Silver, Platinum, Palladium.)We are premium quality export and import business located in Central africa. We deal sale of Gold, Rail Scrap Metal,diamonds, Cobalt,Used rails, Tantalite (Coltan), Chrome ore. We are end sellers of copper cathode 99.97%, copper rod 8mm 99.97%. We also Export Copper ore, used rails, pure lead, aluminum ingots 99.7%, steam coal NCV 4800 and Gemstones.

Our products in brief
1. Gold (bars and nuggets)
2. Copper cathode and copper ore
3. Alluminium alloys
4. Chrome ore
5. Cobalt
6. Gemstones
7. Tantalite/Coltan