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Established in Democratic republic of Congo since 2007, Uvira Societe Mining is your partner in the purchase of gold,copper, cobalt, tantalite, diamond, scrap rails.We offer our services to individuals and professionals from our websites and in our private offices. Benefit from our investment advice as well as online news on the gold and precious metals market. Take

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Our Vision

To be Africa’s Largest direct supplier of precious stones, metals and minerals from Small Scale Miners to the Export Market and Creating value for our miners

Our Philosophy

We accept responsibility & hold ourselves accountable for our work, our behaviour, our ethics & our actions. We strive to deliver on our commitments to our clients, business partners, & investors.


We conduct our work with high ethical standards and a positive behavior. We are determined to achieve our goals and fulfill our commitments in an excellent, timely and consistent manner that will serve the needs of our internal and external customers.

Air and Sea Cargo
Shipping and Warehouse

Need help in handling and storage of your cargo? Our team can take care of customs clearing, booking, freight forwarding, delivery to and from port, cargo insurance for any type of products and can also take care of storage of goods in bonded warehouse nearest to the ports.

We are excellent, affordable
and friendly.

Faster And Safer Global One-Stop Mining Solution!

Want to detect and find gold and other precious metals? No need to worry. Uvira Societe Mining will ease you by providing the best quality and a team of senior gold treating engineers with proficiency and global experience detectors and mining supplies.

Enjoy the adventure of the hunt with premium quality gold from us. As a leading supplier, we have the best Gold mining wholesale with a unique range of gold to make your mining more effortless and successful.

So, spend less time mining and more time discovering gold. Shop for all of your gold needs online.

The best Gold mining wholesale for you!

Uvira Societe Mining is a certified dealer for Gold mining wholesale and carries an extensive range of services. Today, we have the best experts having explicit knowledge of work.

Why is our gold mining worth more?

If you’re looking for other searching gold mining services, we are is your one-stop online shop in the town. Our gold specialists are specifically in gold treating through various mineral processing tools for gold ore of diverse features to attain the processing plant of best and cost-efficient process designs.

Find for all your mining wants, we have reputable strategic relationships with tools suppliers and commercial test centres.

As a leading gold mining supplier, our services are worth more than others because they are unique, rarer, durable, and exclusive. So, make mining fun and potentially profitable hobby, with gold prices increasing almost daily.

Is it a good investment?


  1. We provide our customers ease no need to make extra efforts in maintaining mining machines. We will offer you a one-stop service.
  2. We help to automate mining, optimize efficiency, and shorten debugging and error handling time.
  3. The company offers a variety of mining schemes, which users can select freely.
  4. You can connect with our expert customer service in real-time.
  5. They are highly cost-effective.
  6. We provide affordable services.
  7. They are approved and tested.
  8. They are durable and have a lifetime warranty.

Come check us out today and get in progress on your next gold mining adventure! We provide efficient and methodically verified gold mining services and skills. Get a quote now!


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